When will PS4 reach 10 million sold?

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Time to make a difficult prediction.

When will PS4 reach the 10 million consoles sold (to customers) milestone?


Things to remember while making the prediction:

Sony is currently selling The Last of Us Remastered and a bundle that may boost the sales.

Gamescom announcements in August may boost sales

The white Destiny bundle and white PS4 sold in September will boost sales.

According to VGChartz PS4 is currently at 8.74 million consoles sold as of July 19th.

EDIT! Sony announced at gamescom that more than 10 million gamers now own a PS4. It is very likely that they exceeded 10 million last week(week before gamescom). Congratulation to everyone who guessed it.

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Maybe September.

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I'm going to take a wild guess and say September since that's when Destiny comes out!

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November sometime.


Very soon. Before november. The last of us and destiny will boost the number a lot.

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ThatDanishGamer said:

According to VGChartz PS4 is currently at 7.74 million consoles sold as of July 19th.

8.74 million... so if it stays at weekly 10k - 120k, it will reach 10M in 10 - 11 weeks. But probably faster.

Before the Xbone, WiiU, and Vita.

But for reals, some time around November. I think it will sell almost exactly 10m in its first year.

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September. By the rate it's currently selling it will reach that milestone in September even without Destiny.

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