Is Sunset Overdrive going to boost XB1 sales

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Yes 90 28.66%
No 224 71.34%

So is Sunet Overdrive gonna help the XB1 or will it do nothing to boost the console. I see no hype surrounding it so I don't think it will help much.


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I doubt it will shift many. Its exactly an example of the sort of quirky, experimental and hopefully very fun stuff that first parties should be supporting - but it likely is not mainstream.

I think the game itself will sell a couple of million copies.

It will likely get a metacritic rating in the low 80's. If for some reason it received universal acclaim it might shift consoles.

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Yes it will push a few units for sure homie ;3

Definitely, its not going to stay the same :p (I think it should give it a good boost though)

As for Sales overall the game should do well, Splatoon and Sunset Overdrive take the fps to another level so i hope it does well. Only bad thing for this game is the release window is kinda bad, should of been in the beginning of Oct, but might be overshadowed by AC and the other BIG Yearly releases!

Probably not.

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I don't think so. It's coming out in Broketober.

I answered yes mostly because there isn't really a specification as to how much you're asking it'll boost. o.o I think it'll give a boost, draw in some people on the fence, (assuming the reviews are good, of course,) but whether the boost will be large- even just large enough to overcome the PS4's baseline advantage that month- or last any longer than a couple of weeks is another matter. Hoping it does do well, though, it looks like an acid-trip and has a refreshing color palate and variety of sandbox-y traps and stuff that, (assuming it lives up to what the offered footage suggests,) looks fantastic. Would reeeeally suck if, even if it scores well, it sells poorly and reinforces the 'We Need CoD Shooters!' mentality some of the Publishers seem to aim at. ._.

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Microsoft are giving it a marketing push but the hype train hasn't really materialised for it. It was plastered everywhere at E3, they shown it again at Comicon and I expect we'll see more at GamesCom.

Looks like a fun throwback to the Dreamcast era and I'm sure there will be a sales bump but not a huge one.


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It might, but it'll be hard to say how much of boost it will be considering October is so packed and SO is releasing on the same day as AC Unity, WWE 2K15 and Lords of the Fallen.

It will shift enough to boost sales a bit but not enough to keep it sustained


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