Is Destiny overhyped like Titanfall??

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We all seen how fast Titanfall faded away considering it was the 2nd coming of christ.  Will Destiny share the same fate?

Is Destiny being way overhyped considering the alpha/beta didn't get stellar reviews.....Is it just being hyped up to get the pre order numbers up and then people will be set for mass disappointment? 

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Yes, yes it is. If not even more so.

I think that it, in some regards, is more overhyped than Titanfall due to the alpha/beta.

I think it is being overhyped. But maybe if Bungie can get a stready stream of content going they can retain that hype after launch.

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Yes, and and even if it is actually a decent game, it will also likely end up doing very little and disappearing from relevance like Titanfall as well. Imo, this is a sign that the console industry isn't ready for an online ONLY title.

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I would say yes, especially after hearing that it will only have 7 locations which arent't big enough.The rest would probbaly be overpriced DLC knowing Activision.This will have very short legs like Titanfall.

Most Overhyped??? Destiny > Titanfall. 

Yes, it is overhyped to think that some people are expecting it to do GTA numbers, though it will sell very well for a new IP.

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Nope the game is the most fun I have had in quiet some time now. And I personally don't like 1st person shooters.

Well... After hearing some opinions from my friends that own a ps4 and some other people, I definitely think so


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I hope not, Titanfall got boring very fast.