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-Too complicated for average joe to master

-No PC release (that I know of)

-No nintendo fanbase (Call of Duty was/is on Nintendo platforms)

-Gives a more hardcore vibe where as Call of Duty gives more of a casual vibe

-So many shooters on Market these days

This franchise will do Halo Numbers on the New systems but not Call of Duty numbers. The industry just doesnt need any more shooters I dont think. Maybe I am wrong! The industry is leaning toward open world games and this is kinda open world so it might who knows?


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No one said it's going to be the new cod.

Mystro-Sama said:
No one said it's going to be the new cod.

NintendoSupporter<3 said:
Mystro-Sama said:
No one said it's going to be the new cod.

Go watch some Zelda U:

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If it's not the next COD then that would be a good thing

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Mystro-Sama said:
No one said it's going to be the new cod.

I've definitely seen some people on this forum who said it would.

And I agree with toastboy on this one, I don't see it taking CoD's place as the leading shooter. I just don't see it appealing to casual shooter fans all that much, not when you have to grind PvE content to get good enough gear to do well in the PvP. Casual shooter fans are used to hopping straight into multiplayer without even playing the singleplayer mode, which you can't do in Destiny, and even when you do reach level 5 and enter the Crucible you still get destroyed by players who are fully decked out in green (uncommon) quality gear, and earning higher quality gear exclusively through the Crucible is a painfully slow process. The game pretty much forces you to play the PvE in order to play the PvP, and I don't see that going over too well with casual shooter fans. 

It's not going to be the next COD, it's going to be the next Halo mixed with MMO elements and cross-plat.

I think it'll be really big.

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I guess having halo numbers is good enough especially for a new ip.

To think that Destiny actually gets called "too complicated" and "hardcore" makes me shed a tear at the state of modern gamers

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Good. The last thing we need is this franchise seeing that yearly mediocre release (although the type of game doesn't allow for that)

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