Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Question to Wii U only owners..would you buy Destiny if it was released for the system?

If Destiny was also released for the Wii U, same day as the other versions, do you think you´d get it?..does the game interest you, or does it look boring?

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Probably, I'm on a PC/Wii U combo this gen so it's one of the few games I'm interested that would require another platform.

No. I'd buy it for another system.

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Im not getting it for any system, so no. The game seems ok, but I dont buy games that require online.

Nah, I'll buy it on another system.

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I would probably get it.  I have tried other games in the same type of Genre with mixed levels of enjoyment (Defiance comes screaming to mind unfortunately), so not sure if I am sold on the FPS MMO (which means I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase one like buying new consoles).  That being said, I do have a PS3 so I guess technically I could pick it up for that (not over a Wii U version though).

If it released on PC though that would be the optimal platform for a game like this.

To me, it does look pretty boring, but compared to the other shooters on the system, it's the second coming. I'd consider buying it. Already thinking about buying it on my sister's PS3, but I like the Pro Controller infinitely better, so given the choice, I'd play it on Wii U.

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If its on PC, I would rather get it on that


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I agree with the sentiment of this thread PC > Wii U