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This thread will be a place where we can all share our amazing The Last of Us Remastered Screenshots we take with the all new Photo mode. Photo mode will work similar to what was in Infamous Second Son. There is two important rules:


1. The Screenshot MUST BE YOUR OWN!

No taking shots from other forums or promotional shots. They must be screens you yourself took from your Playstation 4.


2. No more than 3 Screenshots Per Post!

This is to keep from an overwhelming amount of shots being posted per page, and to help with loading.


The game will be out next week, but I thought I would get this thread ready to go. Can't wait to play and see your guys screenshots next week!

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Tagging this. I'll take part in it. Can't wait to finally get my PS4 with this game, in about a week. =D

I'll edit this post when I have my pics. =)

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kitler53 said:

That lighting... those textures... all in 1080p goodness... Just amazing. 

OT: I'll be playing day one but I'll be here mostly to mooch pictures.

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I'm gonna' tag this thread, I expect some pretty pictures appearing!

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