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Which of these 3 games is the BEST 1st entry in their series ?

Onimusha Warlords 19 11.31%
God Of War 87 51.79%
Devil May Cry 51 30.36%
If there were a selection... 10 5.95%

Welcome back to The Rating Game.

- New and original IP. 

Every game starts out as a new IP. New game ideas are put into motion and game developers bring them to life.

We get our hands on the game and POW, were hooked. Or in many cases, boooooooo, it's a turd.

It sometimes takes a special something to make the game stand out, make the game different from the rest, make the game unique.

Today we will be taking a look at 3 games that have all seen multiple releases in their series, but we will focus on the Original release.


Each release has a fantastic 1st entry to their series. Each game controls were well tweaked, each went on to become fan favorites aroung the gaming world.

Its hard to say which of these games had the bigger impact when they were released, but the question still remains,

Which of these 3 games is the BEST 1ST entry in their series ?

- Devil May Cry 2001

- God Of War 2005

- Onimusha 2000


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DMC (not the new crap looking one) > God of War > Onimusha 2000

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Never played Onimusha, but GOW and DMC were such amazing games I can't decide which was better. I guess Hideki Kamiya's baby is a little bit cooler.

I haven't played Onimusha yet, the original God of War is a good game, but not my favorite by any means.. The crown goes to Devil May Cry because of how it changed action games and because it's also a fun and rewarding game!

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I liked Devil May Cry more than God of War and haven't played Onimusha.

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GoW hands down, i cant get enough of greek mythology.

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Devil May Cry, It was a genre defining.

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Mystro-Sama said:


Hardly. And you're off topic.


I love all 3 actually, so it's hard to choose, but i have to give the edge to God of War because of Kratos!

I'll go for God of War despite DMC being mechanically better game. It was just so much noob friendly. I said some curse words when trying to play Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening at my friends house before putting down the controller. They did patch or introduced new normal difficulty in the special edition that was released later. Heh.

Never played Onimusha & Warlords.

Edit: Oh yea i forgot to mention those rotating spikes in Hades. As i've said before, who the hell playtested that level. Things like those makes games age like crap.