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A bit harsh but I can't disagree with anything he says:



The PS5 Exists. 

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Sadly, Escapist is not a fan of me browsing their videos on my phone, but the title is harsh enough. Guess he needs clicks.

Yay, it's Jim again. Let's see what he has to say this time.

It's easier to attack users, than it is to create deep, robust, and rewarding software.

Eh, what a pointless rant.

can you briefly summaries? don't want to click obvious clickbait. it just rewards the sinners.

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kitler53 said:
can you briefly summaries? don't want to click obvious clickbait. it just rewards the sinners.

Summary : 7min of Xbox hate opinions, twisted truth and dubious link between different element we already heard over and over.

kitler53 said:
can you briefly summaries? don't want to click obvious clickbait. it just rewards the sinners.

A lot of people seem to be missing the point of the video, so here's a summary for those who keep jumping to conclusions or are just saying stupid shit that have nothing to do with what Jim's actually trying to say.

What Jim is not saying

  • The Xbox One in its current state isn't a good console or doesn't have games et cetera.
  • The Xbox One isn't worth buying.
  • People shouldn't be happy with the current state of the console.
  • The Xbox One should die off.

What Jim is saying

  • MS started out horribly, treated its consumers like shit and blamed them for their own shortcomings; after the constant deceit about how certain changes to DRM, kinect and many other things are impossible, they apply those changes like it's no problem.
  • People shouldn't just immediately perform fellatio on them for deciding not to treat us like total shit anymore. It's not that they performed an action in the interest of consumers, it's that they performed an action after they realized that their original ideas backfired.
  • The original vision of the One and the current state is significantly different. The original vision is thankfully dead.
  • Devs/Publishers/Industry should try to treat the consumer with respect from the get go and not lie to them and try to deceive them.
  • We shouldn't be thankful for them backpedaling and doing the bare minimum, they should be thankful that we still support them now after all they've done.

Don't treat people like shit. It's literally all the vid is about. How is that so hard to understand?


copy and pasted from Gaf user Maragidyne

He raises some great points in a harsh way. Worth watching !

Though the title is harsh you really cannot argue with a single point he makes.

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He doesn't say anything that isn't true in this video.

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