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in your face!


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Is that the Pizza boy with my Pizza?

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And I am a Pigeon:

Horrible line! I can't stand her voice!

shes better than princess peach!

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I see we both hate the girlyness of Peach?



Too damn GIRLY.

I don't want a signature.


Nintendo Fan Girl said:
shes better than princess peach!

 Well that's not too hard since lately Nintendo has decided to turn Princess Peach into some Britney Spears wanna be. 

Or at least did in strikers.  Man was she annoying.

Daisy > Peach

If you hate her "I'm daisy" line, then you'll hate her "Oh, did i win?" line even more when I PWN you with her!

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daisy needs to be in the new mario kart so one can drive miss daisy

I should be shot for how bad that pun is

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