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painmaster212 said:
Console: Link To The Past
Handheld: Link Between Worlds

Why so many Wind Wakers? I remember alot of fans hated that game when it first came out and now it's like a cult classic.

Those guys weren't true Zelda fans,, They were just some lame wannabes who hated WW for some dumb reasons..

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sc94597 said:
painmaster212 said:

Why so many Wind Wakers? I remember alot of fans hated that game when it first came out and now it's like a cult classic.

The people who "hated" Windwaker weren't Zelda fans. Their only Zelda game was probably Ocarina of Time and then they had a hissy fit when Windwaker wasn't Ocarina of Time 3. 

Pretty much this. The haters probably dismissed the game because of the cell-shaded look and almost Disney-like vibe of it all, without even playing it. Yet of all the 3D Zelda titles, WW aged the best...and then got an improved rerelease.

I only played 2 so far..ALBW and Links Awakening (just on dungeon 2.)

my fav is ALBW.

Though probably upped by nostalgia, A Link To The Past. That game was magical for 8 year old me.

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AZWification said:
lukibrasil said:
AZWification said:

Wind Waker! Despite its small flaws, I still love this one the most for having such a charming atmosphere and for the goofy art-style!

yeah me too :D

It's a shame it got a lot of hate back in the day simply because gamers can be fucking fools sometimes..

its also a shame that the GC sold so little and it had amazing games like metroid prime,melee,etc

hope 4 majora remake :D

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1. Ocarina of Time 3D
2. Twilight Princess
3. Skyward Sword
4. A Link Between Worlds
5. The Wind Waker HD

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Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time are neck and neck for my favorite. It depends on my mood.

Link to the Past and Twilight Princess
LTTP was near flawless besides some control issues I had and I really didn't hate on the wolf sections of TP that much

Skyward Sword.

Link to the Past.

Though tbh I have barely played any of the 3D entries.