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Whats next?

Mass Effect
Fallout 3
The Elder Scrolls
something else



      With 2014 being a remaster fest on next gen TR, Halo, TLOU, Metro, and GTA, whats the next game or series to get a remaster, what would you like to see get released?  There have been alot of rumors and games thrown around like mass effect, COD, Uncharted, gears of war, skyrim, fallout, RDR and beyond 2 souls. 2015 and beyond will start seeing a slew of next gen games releasing with very little dry spells do you think that the days of remasters are behind us after 2014? or will we be seeing alot of these titles releasing?

i personal would like to see the remastered stop with games like UC4 about to release next year why would i want to replay UC1-3 again will i even have time to replay em before UC4 releases?

if i had to choose a game or series to get remastered though it be games form 5th-6th gen i would want RE0-RECV collection


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metroid prime hd imo


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I'd like to see RE 0 and REmake get remaked (yeah, remake a remake!)

Anything more than 15 years old. These remakes of recent games are just cash-grabs imo.

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Metroid Prime Trilogy wouldn't hurt too.

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Final Fantasy IX.

I'd buy that twice.



Yeah I would defiantly be all for an Uncharted series remake, it defiantly makes sense too because of Uncharted 4 coming out soon.

There's a bunch of remaster still yet to come that will most likely be released after or during 2015. Games like God of War, Gears of War, and a lots more third party games.


I would like to see an Assassin's Creed collection.

Would be amazing to get a R&C Future remaster collection. Especially to be able to play Nexus without the crazy frame rate dips >.

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