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So I just finished Wind Waker HD this last Friday and despite it being yet another exemplary Zelda and my favorite in the series there's one thing about Zelda that always fails for me.  In the past few years I've been clearing my backlog of Nintendo games and played through pretty much every 3d Zelda (couldn't get into Majora's Mask).  I loved Ocarina, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword yet I just could not ever picture myself playing through them again.  For Skyward Sword and TP I just was annoyed with the controls by the end that with all the puzzles solved and story experiences I just found little interest.  For some reason Zelda doesn't lend itself to replayability with me.  Same deal with both recent DKC games in that I loved them the first time through and never really thought about going back or did and didn't find it as enjoyable.

Anyone else get this feeling with certain games where you know they're great and you enjoyed them immensely the first time through, yet never get the urge to replay?  If so what are your least replayable great games and why.  I suspect a few Portal and other puzzle game answers lol

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Don't think I've ever played a game that I didn't think was replayable.

Portal 1 and 2, because you already know all the puzzles...

I would agree with Portal as after playing it you know all the puzzles! For me its the Lego games, whilst they are brilliant (for the most part) I have no urge to replay them once they are done!!

Uncharted/TLOU (for me)

The story/gameplay is top notch, but the linearity makes it hard for me to replay.

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Also, most RPG's imho. Too long.

If I don't replay a game, then that means  I don't like said game!

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How could they not implement a proper NG+?

I disagree with ND/TLOU, played TLOU 3 times and plan on doing it 2/3 more. Probably one of the most replayable campaigns in a long time

Raziel123 said:


I disagree with ND/TLOU, played TLOU 3 times and plan on doing it 2/3 more. Probably one of the most replayable campaigns in a long time

Agreed. I've played it through 5 times so far, probably will get the remaster at some point as well

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A lot of the longer rpg's cause sadly i just cant invest 60+ hrs and then down the line turn around and do the same title over. Especially since by the time i finish said titles, the story is known and the gameplay mechanics/leveling system have been played to completion, and unless there is some post game/new game mechanic as an incentive i just move onto the next game.