Forums - Gaming Discussion - To which character you look like? (Physically)

The question in the OP. Remember we are talking about physicall resemblance.
In my case, im like this guy:

Gybrush Treepwood.

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Pics or it didn't happen.

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Sadly this guy:

Or with other words 'i look like shit'

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in before people posting Mii's xD (well and Xbox Avatars etc)

There is not really a video game character that looks like me or  they are just so unimportant that I cant remember how they looked like etc.

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Raziel123 said:

Who´s that??

POE said:

Who´s that??

Valerian from Starcraft 2


Pretty much like this, minus the googles of course.

Dick Gumshoe probably 

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this guy



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