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Notice a pattern here? Warning, all sensitive words are censored with a                If sensitive to words which are sweary please do not expose yourself to the vulgar language used.

2005 - Took a well known entertainment franchise, and dun diddly fucked it up

With a metacritic of 53 (on PS2) the game was criticised for it's visuals, controls and gameplay

I Mean Avengers goddamit. They don't just throw licenses out for them. Spiderman and captain America goddamit.



2007 - Conan from Conan the barbarian

A figure important to many. It got a 69 on metacritic. Probably decent, but hell... conan!
Criticised for its visuals and repetitivenes.



2011 - Playstation Move (lol) Heroes - 6 iconic playstation characters join together for the ultimate...

...shit game. Hey I warned you about the language.

I was super excited about this. I mean, Sony wouldn't just hand out SIX of their most iconic characters from retro playstation days to an unproven developer, would they? Unless they were super confident of extreme quality, a fleshed out story, amazing visuals and interactivity JIZZZZZ Dude stop highlighting now.

53 on metacritic, rubbish story, rubbish gameplay. Just some excuse for a olympics style game. But seriously sony, by now you've learned not to hand over million-unit selling ip's to them right?



2012 - resistance fireBurning Skies (<--if you dont get the joke, lol  you) Lol you thought that said the f word, cheeky  

Vita's first big shooter underwhelmed, plus... WHY YOU GIVE NIHILISTIC TWO OF INSOMNIAC's IP's NO WONDER THEY LEFT YOU FOR XBOX @ssholes

60 on metacritic. Was ok for a first attempt at fps I reckon. But not what we wanted. Resistance deserved better.

Ok guys, stop Giving Nihilstic big franchises for them to kill ok? OKAY



2012 - Seriously dude it hasnt even been like 6 months yet CALL OF DUTY BLACK THINGY

Once again they harness the power of the vita (lol) and use their extreme developing talents (double lol) to create a breakthrough game that bridges the gap between blacky game 1 and blacky game 2 on ps3.

Basically, all the maps were basically blacky pops 1 maps, but 3/4 of them cut. Seriously is it so hard to make a map nihilistickTheseGamesUpYour A$$

Game was a drag. many glitches. A one hour length campaign that was the most boring story since romeo and juliet.

Another huge franchise binned into oblivion.

Holy crap ES: Oblivion was fun wasn't it.




Yeah then they changed their name to nstigate closed their website twitter facebook pledged to making mobile games, never made a mobile game, key members left studio probably closed the end

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I thought the Conan game was decent

Yeah, sorry to anyone who might have enjoyed their games, but Nihilistic is easily one of the worst developers to exists, at least out the ones that got to work with several AAA franchises and ruin them all... I have no idea what Sony saw in them to give them THREE huge chances to make some awesome exclusives and they blew them all. Resistance: FS wasn't terrible, but it was a far shot off from what the Vita is capable of. Killzone Mercenary proved that. They're just an all around bad developer, and I hope they never make another game again.

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Good God. They made all these games? O.o

How about we try to not remember them, and just let them wither away as they are supposed to.

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I cant find anything on google as to whether or not they still exist. Any ideas?

In their defense, the Call of Duty game was given a really short dev time due to Activision and SONY's crazy deadlines and timing. Everything else was just bad on Nihilistics part as far as we know.

4 ≈ One

Dgc1808 said:
In their defense, the Call of Duty game was given a really short dev time due to Activision and SONY's crazy deadlines and timing. Everything else was just bad on Nihilistics part as far as we know.

Not really, it was announced at the tokyo game show before vita was announced, so ideally shouldve had about a year and a half if not more.

Apparently didnt activision leeds start it off, but they gave up on it and dumped it on nihilstic.

Still, it comes under their name.




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