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Recently with alot of peoples predictions, they said they think will think PS4 will sell over 100 million units

While I admit, the PS4 is doing great but if you look at the sales of the PS3 it was selling 150k every week and that didn't even do 90m, plus it was on the market for 7+ years

The only way I think it can pass 100m is if it is on the market for 9+ years and continues to sell after the PS5 comes out

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I think people sometimes forget that the PS2 sold 150M because it sold a lot to casuals, just as the Wii did, but for different reasons.

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PS4 is not doing great. It is doing moderate. It is doing great compared to the other consoles but over all, it is moderate at best. But I do agree with you, it will not pass 100m. It'll hit probably somewhere between 70-80 mil or at least that is where I am guessing.

ikki5 said:
PS4 is not doing great. It is doing moderate. It is doing great compared to the other consoles but over all, it is moderate at best.


Rest in Peace, Iwata: 12/6/59 - 6/11/15

whoa whoa ps3 still gots life in it lets let time pass and see where it ends up its come a long way from this

PS4 passing 100M to me is a no brainier

the reason why PS3 is having a hard time/couldnt get pass 100M is b/c 360 and even the wii took loads of sales from it aswell as having a rough start form launch till about when UC2 release the ps4 wont have these issues its the it console this gen


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it will reach 100M. probably won't really go past that

I think the PS4 has sold alot of units because of pure hype and promises. If Sony can keep up with those things, then I can see it hitting 100M easily.

Me too... I think it wont make it over 100 million cause it won't be in the market as long as the ps3 is going for imo just cause if u think of how powerful the ps3 was relative to how powerful the ps4 is, I doubt it will last that long but if it does, great! The ps3's power was basically $2000sh gaming PC back in the day but now, u can make a PC thats about $1000 or less and it will be more powerful than a ps4

But anything can happen so... We will see


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Yes, but it won't happen until way after the PS5 is out.

Without Japan 100M is almost an unreachable goal.

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I think it will pass 100M. These things just take time.

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