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We've recently seen Nintendo slowly creep towards cross-buy by allowing the 3DS/Wii U Squids Odyssey to offer a cross-buy opportunity.

Obviously, Nintendo is doing better with the Wii U -- but they still have their work cut out for them in building their active install base. One of their warmest market of potential buyers for the Wii U would have to be 3DS users that don't own a Wii U.

I think if Nintendo allowed 3DS buyers of SSB to upgrade to the Wii U version at a reduced price,  I think you might see a faster migration of 3DS users towards the Wii U. Likewise, the same applies for Wii U owners who don't own a 3DS (though from what I understand, that's a small number of people -- but I believe its larger than what most might think).

I figure if you allowed  3DS users to upgrade to the Wii U version for $30 and the Wii U users to purchase the 3DS version for $10 -- that's roughly $70 USD for a pretty compelling cross buy package that'll prompt a lot of users to buy new systems because such a great offer is available to them.

Granted, it may generate less revenue than if users bought both versions for full retail -- but if it drives up the userbase for the Wii U while adding some extra momentum for 3DS, it may be an endeavor that pays off in the long run with more software sales in the long run because of the higher install base for both systems. Amiibo might also help recover some of the lost revenue from cross-buy. For many hardcore NIntendo and Smash fans, you could reasonably assume they'd also invest some of their savings from such a cross-buy package into Amiibo, another major initiative for Nintendo that may prove to be even more profitable than it's games if launched succesfully.

All in all, for Nintendo/Smash Bros fans, there's a lot to be excited for. I think possibly the best outcome for Nintendo is to get fans immersed in all of it. Get them on another new system that offers a wider library of games + get them in a new habit of using Amiibo and put a smile on their face through it all == new profits.

What do you think?

BTW: I think a bundle of some sort using a box like this would be cool....

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I don't see being able to buy SSB on Wii U cheaper, if you already bought it on 3DS or vice versa, as much of an incentive to get a Wii U or 3DS.

It could be an incentive to get both though versions of the game though, if you own a Wii U and 3DS.

Actually, this is a great idea!!! Perhaps something like 30% off for the second smash game.

Sales would skyrocket for the game (el smashacabra), 3ds (as if they need help with that) and Wii-U (hopefully...no...definitely)

Thanks jlmurph!

fleischr said:

We've recently seen Nintendo slowly creep towards cross-buy by allowing the 3DS/Wii U Squids Odyssey to offer a cross-buy opportunity.

This isn't true, not at all. First on, this was a promotion for Europe and you HAD to buy the 3DS version to get the free Wii U version. it would not work the other way around. If you bought the Wii u version, you did not get a 3DS version. This was more of a special promotion than a cross buy.


As for Smash bros, they won't do their because we know that there will be difference in each game making them technically not the same game.

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Yeah, like Nintendo is going to give up that money flow...

Not in Nintendo plans. As a matter of fact, they are doing the possible to differentiate the versions as, although they share the fighters, they have different stages and solo modes.

They share the same fighters and... that's it. Differents stages, modes, itens, etc. So I don't think it will happen, but I would not mind

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Really can't see it happening. The games are more different than regular cross buy games. Besides Smash is just too big a game to do this one, cross buy is only really good for smaller games.

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Given these facts, this is a good idea.

1) 3DS version comes out first, but in a vacuum, 3DS version is far less anticipated than the Wii U version.
2) People who want the Wii U version are thus given further incentive, along with the earlier release date, to buy. This puts their name down for a discounted Wii U version a good 6 weeks before the Wii U game lands. In fact, that's the offer, you have to buy before the Wii U version launches.
3) It adds incentive for 3DS-only owners who get the game early to buy a Wii U, as they'll get one of the bundled games free along with maybe a $35/$40 copy of Smash U, aiding Wii U sales in some small way.

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