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I have a suggestion for Platinum Prizes next year, since they're releasing a Gamecube adapter with Super Smash Bros. this holiday, they should re-release these controllers, and debut them in North America.

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I am glad i forgot to register games to get enough for platinum. Download only games isn't much a prize i think :(

If anyone doesnt want their platinum trophy I can take it from your hands gladly, for myself I choose Donkey Kong 3d

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I'm not sure why I can't download the game, I just became a platinum member?


Much better then the posters I heard Platinum members got in the past. I while be picking up Earthbound, never played but everyone says its great so may as well give it a shot. Glad I decided to become a club Nintendo member this year.

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Just realized you have to be a platinum member by june 30th to get any rewards for 2014 elite gifts.. What a load of crap


I wish the rewards were better but I bought all the games I wanted this year so I'm already pleased, anything else is a nice bonus.

Sum1 give me Nintendo Club codes plox T_T

I must be in the minority, because I actually prefer these rewards to what was offered for the past three years (since I joined). My first year I got a crappy calendar, then a poster set I never used. Last year was better, since I picked up the Majora's Mask soundtrack CD, but finding out it was in-game tracks from the old N64 game was pretty dissappointing. I was hoping for remasters or symphonic versions, like the SS Anniversary CD. 

Digital games don't have any resale value, but the games themselves are worth a lot more if you're looking specifically at the eShop (the only legal way to get these games digitally). I'll probably pick up DKCR, since I'm pretty sure that game is $30 on the eShop still. Most of the others seem in $10-$15 range.

EDIT: Gold rewards are pretty lame though.

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I actually liked it....

As a non-USA citizen, i couldn't really get the rewards in the past.
Now i can. =D