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at least it will be 60 fps

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This is really nice for the people who havent played it before, but there isnt really a reason to get it one year after the original one.
I know that is the point of this remastered version, but imo its just too early for it.
An Uncharted Remastered on the other side would improve much more than this.

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I honestly couldn't tell a difference until I enlarged it, and even then, the only difference I see is the one on the right is slightly sharper due to being higher resolution... I'm actually very disappointed here, and I'm reconsidering my purchase now.

Vast? It looks like a very small update to me. A higher resolution, some slightly better lighting, that seems to be about it.

Ok good im not the only one who couldnt see a diff or atleast a big one

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doesnt look much different, meh

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I see improvement.But I will wait for gameplay of the remastered version.

All i see is one game looking like its running at sub 1080p and the other looking like native 1080p. All round sharper and maybe even better since the PS4 version is rumored to run at 60fps (though i dont see that from anything that i have seen)

Won't call it a vast improvement.

Geez, we should just stop these threads, it's always going to end the same. The threads will always be flooded by people saying that they can't see a difference, maybe ND should have put a new color filter on the game so people would have an easier time telling the versions apart. /sarcasm

Just let people think what they want and be happy with the game, if you want to get it and if you're like me and don't own a PS4 yet, but just want this game to reach as many people as possible and understand why this remaster exists, then just be happy with its inevitable success.

It´s quite clear everything looks a little bit sharper on the PS4 version but honestly, not a huge improvement. Then again, the original game had quite good Graphics and came out recently.