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I doubt it will do much harm tbh. The people who want it on a console will still buy the console version. There are different levels, music and features between the two. Fans will buy both.

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sorry but

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hell yeah.
wii u has all 3ds has (exept rpg) but way better.
but erevything is there. if you dont want to spend too much, or like rpgs, go with 3ds.

Nope. I believe the wiiU is the wiiUs worst enemy.

I believe that every platform will sell to its core fanbase regardless of price or hardware. There will always be a certain number of fans that will buy the console regardless. It doesn't have to be powerful or have the best of anything, they just will.

Nintendos problem with the WiiU, is that outside that core base, they have not given anyone any reason to not go and buy a PS4/XB1. And more so, that core base is shrinking. I think the DS and the wii showed that its possible to have two extremely successful platforms from the same company on the market.

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There's some truth to this I think.

In the old days the Game Boy really couldn't replicate most of the console Nintendo games. You couldn't have a 3D Mario or a proper Smash Brothers or a 3D Mario Kart back in those days.

Nowadays the handheld line has pretty much all the same franchises maybe with the exception of 3D Zelda, which isn't as important as it used to be.

People like Nintendo games, but Nintendo is pushing it by asking people to buy two systems just to buy games from 1 company (at a sum total of $470 or so for both systems). I think some people are looking at that and saying "y'know ... Mario Kart 8 looks like fun, but do I really need that? I already have MK7 for the 3DS, I think I'm good, gonna spend that money elsewhere".

The Wii + DS succeeded but the Wii was really very different from anything on the market at that time, those types of ideas don't come around often, and in the Wii's case the excitement over motion gaming fizzled after about 4 years of it.

The 3DS does a very good job for most people of scratching their Nintendo "itch" as it were. Even though the graphics aren't as nice, that's never been the draw for Nintendo IP anyway, 3DS can do adequate 3D graphics (unlike the DS).

It is no secret that Nintendo made a big mistake when they decided to release the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. 4 before the Wii U version. Nevermind the fact that each player needs a 3DS system to play multiplayer, or the fact that this version has much worse controls, vastly inferior graphics and resolution, a much smaller soundtrack to choose from and may serve as an entrance point for a lot of players who had no intentions of ever buying the Wii U version until they had tried out this clearly sub-optimal version of the game. Another point that you would be wise to ignore is that releasing the Wii U version first would severely limit the sales of the 3DS version and the already underperforming 3DS system itself (which, quite frankly, deserves to have a bad year with no system sellers other than whatever that Tamodashi Life bullshit was), as well as the fact that releasing the Wii U version later may give them more time to develop a more balanced and polished product.

Because it was a mistake, I'm telling you!

No it's not. Nintendo is the Wii Us worst enemy. When Nintendo stops making HD 3ds games for the Wii u, people will buy the console.

Well, this is new.


Dr.Henry_Killinger said:
Pavolink said:
I thought it was because PS4 and Xbone were trouncing it.

You can't get Nintendo games on a PS4/XB1.

Do people care about nintendo games that much though?

ExplodingBlock said:
I can see why
Why buy NSMBU if you can get NSMB2?
Why buy Tropical Freeze when you can get Returns 3D?
Why buy 3D World when you can buy 3D land?
Why buy Rayman Legends when you can get Origins?

this is the only one i do not agree with

they have similar names but trust me they are 100% night and day different


i hate 3d land

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