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As far as the protest over standard cars, let me see if I can get this straight.

Rather than leave them IN for the people who enjoy them, they should take them OUT, so that NO ONE can enjoy them? Because leaving them in would somehow make the game worse? Can't those who don't like them simply--I don't know--not use them? Seems like an awfully selfish and pointless protest, to be honest.

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maverick40 said:

No need, it sells millions as it is and it is stil regarded as the most technical and accurate racing simulator of all time. 

I take it you haven't played many racing sims..

I honestly wouldnt care as I hate gt and every other sim racer out there... But sony would have to be pretty stupid to kill off this franchise...

Tamron said:
daredevil.shark said:
Agreed. Current GT is nothing but a relic of GT4. And what I am hearing that standard cars may be present in GT7. Lol. What a joke.

Clearly someone who, like me played GT5 / GT6 and thought "i want to be excited and blown away, but i'm not, worse, i'm underwhelmed and dissapointed"

Unfortunately, others seem to just take it as an attack of their favorite console and/or believe that so long as something sells, it should continue no matter how much doing so impacts the quality.

I have a plat in GT5 and I agree they are not as exciting as the previous games but that is to do with design choices in UI. The gameplay is still the perfection it has alwways and to even think about killing the franchise is quite frankly, childish. 

Graphics > Gameplay is what i'm hearing

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betacon said:
Graphics > Gameplay is what i'm hearing

Which is why I prefer GT4, right?

Driveclub and Forza Horizon 2 are different types of racers and I'm not sure that Project Cars will have the same breadth of content as GT.

One quick question: what about DriveClub, Forza Horizon 2, and Project CARS make them much better than GT7?

I would have to disagree with the OP. Killing off GT would be doing a huge disservice not only to Sony, but to the fans as well.

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I agree with the general points of the fatigue and downfall of the franchise but it certainly doesn't need to be killed. It needs a larger team with a reality check.

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