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These forums are just getting more and more retarded.

There once was a great sig here, but it got killed.

A moment of silence would be appreciated.

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i thought this gonna be a parody of that Gamespot article that said nintendo will use QOL to kill off the Wii U until i read "I think there might be some truth to it"

How come only MS wants to kill off their console? Ninty and Sony are also thinking about their future consoles, y'know!

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if m$ pulls the plug so early, there will be no next m$ console. the investors arnt so leased by the performance of the xboxbrand, and if they pressur m$ to kill the unsuccesfull xbone, than they will surely not want another take on making the nr1 console from m$...

Darwinianevolution said:
Wow, people is a bit paranoid with the consoles lately. I have seen people saying that they are killing the XBone, the Vita, the WiiU, the 3DS...

Agreed, the paranoia is ridiculous here. What's the point of this kind of thread?

After all we know that the Xbox One isn't going anywhere and that MS aren't just going to abandon the gaming market. That...just doesn't make a lot of sense at all.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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They wont just drop it without a fight. That would hurt them much more than any new console could help them...

You again. Can't you pick a more worthwhile crusade? Like world peace or clean water for all. Perhaps you know more about those subjects. You sure know fuck all about MS.

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Maybe longer than 3-4 years, but not as long as the 360.

Nintendo themselves have said that they start working on their next hardware as early as 6 months after launch of their current hardware. It wouldn't surprise me if MS started thinking about their next hardware. Its par for the course.

They're going to kill off an investment of billions early in its life-cycle?  This is the company that kept Zune alive for five years.