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The Destiny Beta is almost upon us and I just wanted to see if anyone here felt like exchanging their PSN to get a group together

I already have a decent group from the Alpha but it would be nice to actually play with some VGcharts guys instead of always arguing with them lol

Only post  PSN if you have PS4 and are in the Destiny Beta please

My PSN is SolidSnake91192

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Mine is Callum_Alexander and I am in the UK so GMT+0. I missed out on the Alpha so cannot wait to dive in to the beta, only six days now!

well shiiiit

I need a code, anyone got a spare

Filip_Kackiewicz, EU, Titan, currently level 3.

Will add people and play tomorrow!

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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Im Dyremose on timezone gmt. +1 ill be on from tommorow

Still downloading ;_;


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VanceIX said:
Still downloading ;_;


Lol, just finished half an hour ago. The dl took like a hour. The hard part was redeeming the code...



add me if you have a mic and are playing the beta/getting it on launch we can get vgchartz community together playing pvp :) make sure to reference this site or something so i know you saw this.

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