Super Smash Bros. Melee currently selling for nearly $200 on Amazon

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Too bad, Im keeping mine

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I've kept my copy since 2001. It's still in pristine condition. The disc that is. I'll never let it go. It's hands down one of the best games I've ever played. I spent HOURS upon HOURS....days upon days on that game. Heck years upon years! LOL

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It's melee, it was probably $200 on discount before taxes.

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It's official: I'm never leaving my Melee disk ever again.

I bought mine nearly 5 years ago for $15.

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Goddammit. And to think I sold it like 4 years back for about $25.. Plus it's the best of the Smash games. But with my stupid logic at the time I was like "welp I got the original Smash and I got the NEWEST Smash, why should I own this anymore?" Luckilly the Wii U Smash looks to be pretty much back to the melee style gameplay.

I have two copies of melee currently and I'm keeping both.

No smash player in their right mind would sell their copy to put towards smash 4. That game has got a lot to prove competitively before people even consider switching over.

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You guys are crazy if you think your game is worth that much. That's just some dude on Amazon (whose third party sellers always have pretty inflated prices for all sealed out of print games).

Melee has been trending upwards on the market for the past 3 years. Previously it would have been worth about $20 to have a complete used copy but today you could probably get $50 for a nice condition complete used copy.

So all those used copies you guys own... if they're complete and good to great condition you're looking at $40-60. For just a disc you're looking more $30-40.

If you had a sealed black label copy you might be able to get $90-130 out of it, depending on who you find crazy enough to buy.

Just check ebay's sold listings or the pricecharting website. More reliable than Amazon even if you still don't get a full picture.

I got a copy of it used a few years ago for $8 dollars, but I'm keeping my copy.

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I'm keeping my Melee copy because I love that damn game a LOT!

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