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How much will Captain Toad sell this holiday and LT?

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500k this holiday. 4 million LT.

around 1 million this holiday
3.2 ltd

Bet with TechoHobbit: I say wii u will be at 9 million by 1/3/2015 which means  i win ;if it sells 10 million by 1/3/15 he wins, winnner gets 2 weeks of avatar control(please dont be justin bieber)

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Humm... 600,000 this holiday, 3,000,000 lifetime.


With Welfare:  I win if XBOX ONE don't pass Wii U  this year, and i said that Wii U will win for 2-2,5 milion. he win if XBOX ONE pass Wii U, and he said by 1 milion

With Kongfucius: I predict that Wii U will sell more of 25,000 in Japan with Hyrule Warriors, they said less

With benji232: I predict that Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag for Wii U, will sell more of 250,000 ONLY  in 2014, and 500,000 lifetime. He's said that don't passed 250,000 lifetime. if AC IV (Wii U) pass 250,000 in 2014, i will have control of his avatar for one week, and if lifetime AC IV will sell more close of what I say, i will have the controll of his avatar for one month.

= Currently: 188,000 (-62,000 for win) (-187,000 for win)

800k this holiday, LTD...I dunno. Maybe 2 or 3 million? Maybe...

I'll certainly try to get it at some point.

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Is it a physical game or only digital?

450,000 this holiday, and 2.5 Mil. lifetime.

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600k this holiday, 2m lifetime.


Poliwrathlord said:
Is it a physical game or only digital?

450,000 this holiday, and 2.5 Mil. lifetime.

Its physical its on Best Buy and Future Shop 

700k holiday, 2mil lifetime

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I feel like I'm missing something here. Not sure why people expect this to be such a huge hit. The game seems to scream niche. It's an odd sort of puzzle/platform hybrid featuring a C rank Mario character. I'm not saying it won't be good, I'm sure it will be, but I don't see why people are expecting such huge sales, especially with Wii U figures where they're at.