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How much will Captain Toad sell this holiday and LT?

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500k this holiday. 4 million LT.

around 1 million this holiday
3.2 ltd

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Humm... 600,000 this holiday, 3,000,000 lifetime.

PS4 will outsell PS2 mathaffakka!

3DS will sell 2/3 than DS.

XO will sell almost x2 the first XBOX.

Wii U will sell more than N64.

PSVita will sell almost 1/4 PSP.

I'm octimist with all console.

800k this holiday, LTD...I dunno. Maybe 2 or 3 million? Maybe...

I'll certainly try to get it at some point.

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Is it a physical game or only digital?

450,000 this holiday, and 2.5 Mil. lifetime.

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600k this holiday, 2m lifetime.

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Poliwrathlord said:
Is it a physical game or only digital?

450,000 this holiday, and 2.5 Mil. lifetime.

Its physical its on Best Buy and Future Shop 

700k holiday, 2mil lifetime

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I feel like I'm missing something here. Not sure why people expect this to be such a huge hit. The game seems to scream niche. It's an odd sort of puzzle/platform hybrid featuring a C rank Mario character. I'm not saying it won't be good, I'm sure it will be, but I don't see why people are expecting such huge sales, especially with Wii U figures where they're at.