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What did you think of their reactions?

Great - as expected 10 11.11%
Great - and I was surprised 7 7.78%
Okay - as expected 28 31.11%
Okay - and I was surprised 11 12.22%
Bad - as expected 31 34.44%
Bad - and I was surprised 3 3.33%

What do you guys think?

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Interesting to see what a new generation think of the stuff we grew up with:)

Big shout-out to the kid with Pokemon Red and Blue.

And LOL @ the kid who associated it with an iPhone case XD

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I was 8 when I got mine and I found Tetris boring (Still do). I loved the often hated Mario land which I got at the same time. There were some great games on the gameboy they should have tried out a better selection. Mario land 2 would have been a good choice...

That kids reaction to buttons is sad.

Girls can play it so why is it called gameboy and not gamegirl? =p

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oh snap, I have that iphone case lol

Now show them a game gear :P

With a Gameboy Color and some Mario or Pokemon games, the reactions would have been different.

The point of the video is to entertain and see what funny things the kids say about old technology.

Its not trying to sell them on the GameBoy FFS...

yea, I don't know why they used Tetris, a game that predates the gameboy by 5 years

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you don't expect every kid to understand technology changing every day every year every generation.