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Rain: Console Elimination Game

Welcome All! This is the console elimination game, the place where you vote to help your favorite console & hurt your least favorite. 

How it works: You get one +5 vote and one -7 vote per post and can post once every 3 hours. 

Each console will start with 50 Points and will be eliminated once it has hit 0.

I'll try to update frequently but just in case I can't, please help keep track of the remaining points.

The console list will be in the 2nd post. Enjoy! :)


The game is now over! See post 2 for the order. Also, my next elimination game will be for series. 5 will represent Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and 3rd party. I already have some series for each, give your thoughts at the end of this thread.

Thank you to everybody who voted, and special thanks to members who helped count votes, and stop people who didn't follow the simple rules :)

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#13 XBox 360 

#12 Sega Saturn

#11 Wii 

#10 XBox 

#9 N64 

#8 Sega Dreamcast

#7 Nintendo Gamecube 

#6 Playstation 3 

#5 NES

#4 Playstation 1

#3 Nintendo SNES

#2 Sega Genesis

#1 Playstation 2

+5 to N64
-7 to NES

+5 N64
-7 Wii

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+5 NES
-7 PS3

Wii U/XBOX 360/3DS/PC

XB1 soon

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This will be interesting...

-7 N64

+5 PS2
-7 Wii

+5 PS1
-7 N64

+5 PS2
-7 N64

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+5 PS1
-7 X360