What Zelda game do you want to be remade?

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Which one do you remade?

Legend of Zelda 9 6.04%
Zelda 2 8 5.37%
Link's Awakening 7 4.70%
Link to the Past 12 8.05%
Majora's Mask 67 44.97%
Oracle Games 2 1.34%
Four Swords Adventure 1 0.67%
Twilight Princess 36 24.16%
Phantom Hourglass/ Spirit Tracks 1 0.67%
Minish Cap 5 3.36%

It is unknown if Nintendo is gonna remake another Zelda like WWHD or Oot3D

If they are going to, I would like to see ALTPHD or Twilgiht Princess HD

Which Zelda game would you want?

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twilight princess is too recent. personally i would love a link to the past as it's an old 2d game which would be entirely new in 3d

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Links Awakening in 3D would be awesome.

Majora's Mask HD


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Twilight Princess. Make it look like the tech demo. Shut everyone up.

Well, this is new.


tbh i dont want no zelda remake but would like to see another new zelda game for the 3DS

The Legend of Zelda: Darkness U

None! They should continue to make new games. If you missed one, you can buy it on VC or get an original copy off ebay or amazon.

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None. Get the new game done, don't bother with the people who want Majora's Mask 3D, unless you give that to Grezzo or some other independent studio. Don't bother Aonuma, he needs his alone time.

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I'd like to see this