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Introduce myself!  Thought I would be able to at first but apparently I needed 50 posts before I could make this one and I didn't want to try sneaking into someone else's introduction thread!

Been lurking here for a couple months, saw something that I felt interested enough in to post on, and here I am.

Let's see what might you all find worth reading about me....

As far as systems go I currently own the following: an original Nintendo, a Super Nintendo, a Nintendo 64, a 3DS, and a Wii U for Nintendo related consoles.  Playstations 1-4 for Sony consoles, and no Microsoft consoles in my current collection.  Had the original Xbox until I gave it to my brother when he went off to the military.  Traded in the Xbox 360 after I realized I hadn't played it in over a year.  Traded in the Wii for the same reason as the 360 a while back as well.  I plan on picking up an Xbox One just as soon as they have 3-4 exclusives that interest me.

As far as games themselves go I am a sucker for a great RPG.  I love the cartoony, anime, and cell shading art formats on games, but don't mind the photorealistic approach every once in a while either.  Favorite games of the most recent gen were Mass Effect (I even liked the ending of 3) and Bioshock.

I like a good conversation, prefer a decent debate, and am going to stop here before I start to sound too too much like a dating profile.

Hi everyone!

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Do you like long walks on the beach?
How about long walks on the beach at night?
Also, hello there!

Nicee! Welcome to the site! There is many things to enjoy about it like the wonderful community filled with many types of people! Some good, Some bad and some very lewd! I would say be careful about the lewd ones, they are the scariest! Cause when you least expect it, Bam! You are being touched in the wrong places by them! Hope you enjoy your stay!


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Nice to meet cha man. Hopefully you'll get more post than I did. LOL I think everyone got tired of the introduce me threads and decided to ignore me. :( A few people didn't.

Anyway, I see you're a master debater. I actually had milk and cookies watching your debate in the other threads. Hehehe Nice to meet cha.

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Well I certainly wouldn't say I am a master debater, but thanks for the vote of confidence!

Also, I do not like walks on the beach at all and I actually don't mind the idea of lewd characters touching me in the wrong places so long as I buy them dinner first... oh wait. I mean so long as they buy obviously.

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Welcome to the site, my friend! Don't trust anyone with a MLP avatar!  

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Hello and welcome

Welcome man!

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Welcome to the site

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