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I live My Wii U as well. I've played it every day since Mario Kart 8 launched. Currently playing AC4 and Rayman Legends. I also just ordered AC 3 since Black Flag made me really like the series. 


I have Earthbound, Child of Light, and Pikmin as well. I recommend ALL these games. 

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platformmaster918 said:
toot1231 said:
it easily has the fastest browser.
its better than my PC in speed.

what games do you have/did you get?

it came with nintendoland and i have wind waker hd.  gonna probably get rayman legends and mario kart sometime this summer.  still got a lot of ps3 stuff to catch up on.  gotta finish those 2 and twilight princess (never played) before lou remastered comes out

There is a nice ubisoft sale at the moment on the eshop if you are interested .. most ubisoft games are 50% cheaper or so, including Rayman, I think the promotion ends this sunday tho so you should hurry.

And yes, the interface and the video apps are great with the gamepad.. pretty nice to surf the web or watch netflix on the Wii U.

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The browser is alright. I don't really like using it though.


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archbrix said:
Congrats. Glad you like it. Also, based on your username I highly recommend 3D World and Tropical Freeze. Both are outstanding.

Oh, and Mario Kart, but that's a no-brainer.

oh absolutely I'll be picking those up too (probably by end of Summer) as I really enjoyed the last DKC and of course Galaxy 1 and 2.  I mean I already have a PS4 so that takes care of all the 3rd party stuff (except Rayman Legends since the graphics are the same and the gamepad support is cool) and I LOVE Sony first party as well, but this is honestly going to be my go-to multimedia machine for now (really wish it had Bluray playback is its only flaw for that) since Sony has no Youtube app and the Gamepad is just great for navigation.  I just couldn't resist Nintendo's first party either and was going to wait for a price drop until I saw they were selling for $200 reburbished and it looks brand new.  I highly recommend this deal for anyone without one yet.  Also since I already have Wiimotes the only accessory investment I'm making is a pro controller down the line (when the schoolyear starts my 3 roommates and me are going to be Karting every day lol)

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Yeah i love the simple interface and how quick it is especially with the latest update. Great little system and very under appreciated. Goes great with either PS4 or X1.

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Yeah the TV remote use comes really handy. And internet browser has no equal amongst consoles. It has some really neat features and a simple clean OS.
It is better than most people think.

toot1231 said:
Mario kart is amazing.
I would also like to recommended some games.
Monster Hunter 3 U
Super Mario 3d World
these 2 games in my opinion along with Mario Kart are must haves.

I truly second this.

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Get How to Train your Dragon 2, it's one of the best Wii U games to date.

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Anfebious said:
Get How to Train your Dragon 2, it's one of the best Wii U games to date.