Which is your favourite Open-World Sandbox game?

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Your favourite open-world sandbox game?

A GTA game (comment to specify) 50 30.30%
An Assassin's Creed game... 8 4.85%
Infamous 1/2/Second Son 14 8.48%
RDR 31 18.79%
Watch Dogs 3 1.82%
Other (comment) 58 35.15%

Metroid Prime.

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Red dead was one of my fav games of last gen.

vivster said:
hunter_alien said:
vivster said:
Gothix 3. Never seen such a big and authentic world(that also isn't boring as fuck).

Never taught that I will see a fellow Gothic fan here For me it would be the first Gothic 3 was good, but only after a year post releaswe when it was patched up.

Gothic 1 and 2 were great in atmosphere but a bit too small and unrefined. Gothic 3 hit everything out of the park. Giant world(biggest one I've seen so far in any RPG), creative landscapes, tons and tons of stuff to do. I could roam endlessly just hunting game. Also it's a real sandbox that let's you do anything you want including eradicating any living thing.

Most open world games already fail at actually being as open as Gothic. I don't see any game beating this one any time soon.

Cant argue with that   Man, as soon as I finish my exams I will hold a Gothic marathon No better way to start.. I mean spend a summer )

Edit: ohh and i forgot dont starve! i love dont starve, and assassins creed 2 was amazing! 

so its like this

1- Red Dead Redemption

2- GTA Vice City

3- Assassins Creed 2

4- NFS Underground 2

5- Dont Starve


(not sure if pitfall the lost expedition is considered open world snadbox game, if so, its certainly has its place on that list.)

Xenoblade, Assassin's Creed 2 and Red Dead Redemption are all awesome sandbox games! I am not a fan of the GTA franchise though...

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Stalker, Arma, RDR, GTA are probably my favorites.

I'd probably say Minecraft but since there's apparently something wrong with it, I'm not sure what to choose. Oblivion and Skyrim are strong contenders, though, and I can't entirely choose between them.

Ucell said:

To be clear Minecraft isn't an open-world sandbox game. Its simply a sandbox game.

Please elaborate, because this doesn't make much sense to me with your choice of words. I get your point but your choice of words seems wrong.

Red dead, saints row 2, and farcry and skyrim tied for third.

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Skyrim. The only such game thus far that I have ever managed to really get into.