Xbox’s Phil Spencer Praises Sony and Nintendo’s E3 Conferences: Competition “Keeps Raising the Bar”

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MoHasanie said:
Mr_No said:
I've never expected to say this, but Phil Spencer is actually a pretty nice guy! I take back all the bad things I said about him.

I think he's the nicest gaming executive. 

And here I thought he was as smug and arrogant as Shane Kim (I really couldn't stand that guy), but dang... he has proven to be a competent executive with lots of sportmanship. Though my favorite gaming executive is Shuhei Yoshida, Spencer is trying to win me over, and I don't know if that's a good thing.

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A high executive in the XBox team making mature comments on his competitors. How refreshing! Quite different than the trash talk Microsoft use to give and make me feel disconnected from them.

such a great man


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To be honest

They made a good choice picking this guy as the rep for Xbox.

But i cant help but to feel like he's bullshitting a little because E3 was underwhelming for the most part.

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Nice of him to say that, despite no E3 conference being truly breathtaking.

Phil is so awesome, but haven't MS been quite open with their praise of Nintendo and Sony in recent years?

Whether the sentiments are sincere or not, it certainly does wonders for the public perception to be gracious towards your competition. If only the actual fans could act this way, the community would be a nicer place.

Phil is the best guy over at Xbox right now. I think he could turn the tide in the comming years, so excitment is here!

Phil's the guy who announced the 499 price point last e3 isn't he? Yeah he seemed genuine then, about the only MS exec that I like. It's strange seeing a nice guy in charge of the Xbox division.