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What should happen to Crytek?

Bought by Sony/MS/Nintendo 67 27.02%
Bought by another publisher/inversor 32 12.90%
Closed, IP auctioned off 66 26.61%
Restructured and downsized 52 20.97%
I just wanna see the results 31 12.50%

Yesterday they denied these rumors but if they aren't paying salaries then they must be doing pretty badly.


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Thats too bad, I think they have some of the most techincally talented people at that studio. Cryengine games look freaking amazing! They just have bad game designers, their games are all garbage. They should focus on cryengine and being a game engine distributor instead of game development, kind of like epic.

I honestly, don't care to see them go :l They've contributed nothing meaningful in my opinion to the gaming industry and are pretty much only known for the graphical fidelity achieved in Crysis 1. This just doesn't bother me in the least.

Sure going to miss Crytek all their great games like Warface and Ryse Son of Rome...

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I don't want to see them fail at all, but i absolutely hated Ryse and it is not worth 60 bucks in any reality.

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I think they will either close up shop or SONY will buy them. I can see those being the 2 most likely options.
MS could, but i think IP's like Crysis are too close in style to their main IP - Halo.

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I was surprised how fast they grew, acquiring the Timesplitters/Haze studio in UK and creating a brand new one in Texas with the formally from Virgil guys. Considering their main reason for fame is their technical proficiency rather than their franchises, I fear nobody will buy them. Key developers will be hired and eventually the franchises will be purchased for nothing after the company is closed.

That's sad news, I hope they will find a new investor to keep them floating and new management to put them in the right track.

I wish I could say I would miss Crytek, but they are a truly uninspired group of graphics hungry people. Thats probably the only thing they brought to the industry outisde of Crysis. A game that was gens ahead of its time and boasted about it because people could barely play it because their PC's would explode seven years ago.

I really don't care for Crytek, they don't make bad games but they also don't make any good games. They are average but I really am excited for Homefront The Revolution just because it's a open world game. I absolutely love open world games.

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Crytek also missed an opportunity by not releasing Crysis 3 as a Wii U launch game. The game was finished, up and running on the Wii U hardware and by all reports looked amazing. It could have been a system seller for Nintendo and sold well as there wasn't any other top draw FPS games for the console.
Alas Crytek has found by dealing with EA and getting embroiled into this Origin account spat they have lost out.
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