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What should happen to Crytek?

Bought by Sony/MS/Nintendo 67 27.02%
Bought by another publisher/inversor 32 12.90%
Closed, IP auctioned off 66 26.61%
Restructured and downsized 52 20.97%
I just wanna see the results 31 12.50%


Crytek, the developer behind Crysis and Xbox One launch game Ryse, is having trouble paying employees, and the company has been bleeding staff since March, according to people who work there.

In addition, from what I hear, the multi-national studio has had to cancel work on multiple games over the past few months, including some original prototypes and a sequel to last fall's Xbox One exclusive, Ryse. 

Current and former Crytek employees describe a tense, unstable environment, plagued by poor communication and a number of high-level staff departures at the company's biggest studios in Germany and Britain. In extensive conversations over the past few weeks, developers have described a company in turmoil, where staff openly talk about leaving or looking for new jobs. One employee estimates that some 100 people have left over the past three months.


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Doesn't sound good for Crytek right now.

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Goodbye Crytek, we will miss your contributions to the PC master race! May Crysis forever need a nuclear powered pc to run the game!


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OP you might want to change the title ...

This is why the bloated AAA industry will collapse onto itself, as too many studios are sitting on the brink of severe financial troubles after one game with mediocre performance...we lost a lot of good studios to this last gen. It is a shame that the lesson was not learned.

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Oh boy...... I almost feel bad for Crytek!

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Good riddance, Crysis 3 was trash, Cryengine is trash, Ryse was trash.


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Don't want to see them go down. This is kinda worrying.

Smart move on Ryse 2 though. I feel like it only sold what it did by virtue of being an exclusive launch title. Barring an Uncharted 1 -> 2 level of increase in quality (which I don't think Crytek are capable of), I could see the sequel selling much worse than the first.

fatslob-:O said:
OP you might want to change the title ...