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Yes 128 61.24%
No 81 38.76%

Will Xbox One outsell Xbox?

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most likely i mean microsoft havent even release halo 5 or gears 4 yet XD


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More likely than not. With the xbox , M$ was stepping into new territory. Coming off the 360 gen, M$ has a loyal following behind them now.

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Aren't they the same thing? xD

Of course it will.

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It will most likely outsell it with Us alone. Then get another 15-20m outside of Us.

I think so because I imagine MS will try to gain some ground back, maybe cool exclusives, some devs purchases and stuff like that.

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How can it outsell itself?

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It will pass the original Xbox very easily but I see it falling short of 360 sales, around 60 million lifetime. Sales will improve by the holidays, it sold over 4 million with the weakest software so far but by the holidays and through next year it will surpass the original Xbox.

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Would be surprised if it doesn't.

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