Forums - Sony Discussion - [Poll] How many PS4 exclusives will be announced at Gamescom & TGS?

There will be...


Only counting new AAA full exclusives.

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Probably 0.

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I'm gonna go with 2.

Probably 4.

The one PS4 exclusive that will get announced will be Taiko for the PS4!

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2; MM's new IP and GG's new IP.

i'd guess 3, 2 at Gamescom (GG and somebody else), 1 at TGS
i think that before 2014 is over there'll be more announced but not at those events

If you have à bit of common sense, 5,6 si the least to expect With all the japnese games in developpement with out évén couting Gamescom

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3 sounds reasonable.

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3. Guerrilla Games' new IP, Media Molecule new IP at Gamescom and something Japanese at TGS.