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Biggest Influence - Hideo vs Hironobu vs Shigeru.

Hideo is my hero forever.
Miyamoto is a #1.
Sakaguchi tops them all.
These old guys are ll washed up.
Wait, who are these men again ?

Welcome back to The Rating Game.


We  gamers are a special breed, we play games.

Good games, bad games, short games, 100 hr games, We live for them, we breath gaming, we even fight for our spot in line at the launch of a new console. It's in our blood as they say.

But what about the people that are in charge of creating those games. The masterminds, the creators, the visionaries.

Do we thank them enough ? Maybe not. But one thing we do, and we do it allot,  is judge their creations.

Today we'll take a look at 3 of the great minds of gaming. 


Hironobu Sakaguchi - Worked on classics such as Final Fantasy/ Chrono Trigger & Xenogears.

Shigeru Miyamoto - The mind behind some greats such as Super Mario Galaxy/ Donkey Kong & The Legend Of Zelda.

Hideo Kojima - We thank him for such hits as Policenauts/ Metal Gear Solid & Zone Of The Eders.


As you well know, this The Rating Game, so this is a 2 part question.

(1) Which of these 3 minds in YOUR OPINION has had the BIGGEST influence on the gaming industry ?

(2) If you had to choose just 1 game from just 1 of these  creators, the 1 game that changed your life as a gamer (if any) WHAT game would it be ?


The Rating Game............... Go ahead, Rate.

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Miyamoto with Super Mario!!!


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1, Miyamoto
2. Ocarina Of Time

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can we exclude miyamoto from this?, he clearly won 20 years ago XD

SMASH BROS  3DS/WII U E3 HYYYYPPPPPEEEE is all i had to say.

Biggest influence? Miyamoto, it's fact.

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Anfebious said:
Biggest influence? Miyamoto, it's fact.

Huum I see. What about the 2nd question ?

sabastian said:
Anfebious said:
Biggest influence? Miyamoto, it's fact.

Huum I see. What about the 2nd question ?

That would be... Super Mario Bros. It was the first game I ever played and it's what got me into gaming.

All of them have done a lot for the industry. I believe an avg person would pick Miyamoto, but i'm going with Sakaguchi since his titles did a lot more for me than anything the other have done.

Super Mario World


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Miyamoto, no contest.

and the game.... I don't know. Maybe Super Mario Bros or Mario Galaxy