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Let's all take a minute to recognize the speedy hedgehog that sped his way into our hearts. Granted him and Sega may be a wreck today, but if it weren't for Sega the most important part of the gaming industry might have not started. That's right, competition. Competition makes us better games, lower prices, and more fanboy wars (lol). I'm not saying Sony or Microsoft wouldn't have eventually came around but they may have taken a seperate approach in competition and we wouldn't have seen the gaming industry where it is today.

Long live Sega console industry (1983-2001)


RIP Iwata 12/6/1959-7/11/2015

Thanks for all the great memories!

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I honestly think Sega can compete if they launched another console. However, seeing as their IP's have been on other platforms and such...it may not be ideal. I would love to see another a "Dreamcast 2" or something like that.

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