Do you think this will happen?

yes 784 58.77%
no 548 41.08%

I have a prediction i'm pretty confident about. By the end of this generation, Wii U will have beat XB1. Maybe in the middle of the gen, the XB1 will pass up Wii U, but when all is said and done, I believe Wii U will pass up XB1. What do you think of this prediction. Let me know even if to the majority of you, it sounds crazy! :)

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Crazy? No. There is no word for it

I kno a certain somebody thats going to have a fieldtrip with this thread :0

Didn't you hear? PS4 and WiiU are the ones duking it out.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

It's in the realm of possibility, but I really doubt it will happen IMO.

I'm not going to vote on the poll because regardless of what the logical answer is, I know how it will go.

Well, this is new.


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Fusioncode said:
Didn't you hear? PS4 and WiiU are the ones duking it out.

Idk if you're being sarcastic..... u probably are... but i'm pretty fucking sure PS4 is going to win this generation. So I probably won't have many Wii U vs PS4 threads unless Wii U starts catching up which probably won't happen.

It's obviously looking good for the Wii U so far, and I want it to sell more, but I just have the gut feeling the XB1 will somehow sell more.

Not going to happen.

I made a prediction about Wii U staying ahead for much longer than people expect. I still think this. XBOne will pass it eventually though with future releases and price drops. The Wii U will lose support quicker and have a much shorter life.

the xbone is dead in europe and never lived in japan... so yes the wii u can stay ahead till nintendo kills it.

Thread prediction- Someone predicts Wii U will outsell XB1, a majority of VG chartz users will disagree, the term lack of third party will be used, somebody will troll the lack of power on Wii U, things will get nasty, somebody will get banned, rinse and repeat.