Who better....Sony or Microsoft buying capcom?

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Out of the two given I would choose Sony, but if Nintendo was included I would pick them, Nintendo already have a strong relationship with Capcom, perhaps more so than Sony or MS

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Capcom would bring down their first party goodness to much.

Besides, Id rather see them merge with another company in Japan (Kadokawa the people who bought From Software or maybe Konami)


Because of the meltdowns XD

Ryudo said:
Nintendo. They would bring back Mega Man. They don't kill RPGs like Sony does. MS killed Rare. Nintendo could hand RE to Rare.

Sony kill RPGs?

OT: Apple

None of them I hope they stay independent, either of those would be horrible. And I doubt any of them will buy them.

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if i had to chose between them id chose Sony but realistically id actually suggest Square Enix, no offense to those that suggested Sega only Sega of late have lost their magic and Microsoft are just dangerous, like it's been said many times look what Microsoft have done to Rare!

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MS: buys Capcom to make Street Fighter themed avatars for xbox owners!

Sony buys Capcom: ND makes The Last of Us: Resident Evils game released in 2017!

Nintendo because games like Resident Evil 7, Street Fighter V, and Monster Hunter games would all really do well on Nintendo consoles


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Sony, because it would be pointless if MS bought a Japanese studio. Japanese gamers aren't going to suddenly start to buy XBO's en masse just because it's the only place to find Resident Evil and Street Fighter. Capcom being bought out by MS would effectively kill the popularity of Capcom's franchises in Japan. Also, Capcom games would end up selling much worse in Europe simply by not being on PlayStation. For the posterity of their franchises and their brand name, it would be best if Capcom was bought by a Japanese company, preferably either Sony or Nintendo.

BraLoD said:
MS? Never.
Sony or Ninty.
Sony would be better, but Megaman needs to go to Ninty. So Sony buy Capcom and sell Megaman to Ninty and everyone is happy.

As long as they get Ace Attorney as well.