Who better....Sony or Microsoft buying capcom?

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Who would you rather...

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Sony, look what MS did with Rare.

TurboElder said:
Sony, look what MS did with Rare.

Well, this is new.


I'd prefer it to be bought by a platform agnostic.
If it has to be a company, Sony.

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ms cuz sony cant afford to buy capcom lol

but i dont think either one will buy them.  if capcom starts selling the ips for games then i can see them buying some 

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Sony because i'd rather play Capcom games at 1080p/60fps..

Microsoft. Dead Rising 3 is badass and Exclusive to Microsoft platforms

Between Sony and Microsoft, I'm pro Sony, so Sony obviously.  Although going by Microsoft's usual game releases, if Microsoft got Capcom, you'd see the same few series over and over again, while I'm sure Sony would use some of backlog of franchises they acquire.

I'd rather have Sega or Konami buy them though.

When Sega bought Atlus I didn't think anything good would become of it, but all they did was have someone at Sega head the company as CEO and let Atlus do their own thing.

Sega and Konami both have history at developing classic games or handling classic series that Capcom has let die, and imo, a lot of publishers won't bother with them. Sega and Konami might try to revive some of the more popular ones while also working on the current popular series that they own.  Knowing Sega, they might also publish all of Capcom's dormant franchises with online playability on PSN and XBL, so that's always good. 

Blood_Tears said:
Sony because i'd rather play Capcom games at 1080p/60fps..

Looks like you better hope that Sony publishes on windows then...

It is near the end of the end....

Sony of course. Or do you want MS to kill Capcom also as they did with Rare ?

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