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Pokemon's Claim to Fame

Games 61 39.61%
Trading Card Game 5 3.25%
TV Show 40 25.97%
Promotions 1 0.65%
Toys 0 0.00%
All of the above 44 28.57%
None of the above 2 1.30%
Other 1 0.65%

Everybody knows the name Pokemon today. Hell, it's the second highest selling game series out there! And that's just the games. A popular TV show, trading cards, figurines, promotions, and so much more have Pikachu and the rest of the Pokemon on them. So which made it how big it is today?


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japan and there rpgs
reason why it got so popular japan was buying it tons and tons of it


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Perfect timing. First there was Pokemon Red/Green in Japan, and that sold very well, so Nintendo saw potential. Then (I don't know how) Nintendo got the Triforce of Wisdom: Re-releasing with Red/Blue, making the TV show, and TCG, then some toys... There was no way for Pokemon to fail. It was new, fresh and different, and Nintendo/GameFreak knew how to approach this monster.
Look at Yokai Watch in Japan now! It sold respectably well, but then the Anime released, started selling like crazy, and the sequel is shaping up to become the new Pokemon!

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Anime Series.

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Pokemon got lucky. The TV show started first in the US in a poor time slot. 7:30AM where shows can die. But luckily enough people loved and told people, and repeat. Then the games came out. Instant crack for 90's kid.

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The anime obviously.

The release of the gameboy pocket (Which was really the only game in town at the time for handheld gaming) and the sudden interest in handheld gaming that followed was crucial for Pokemons transition to the west.

It was all of the above I think. Pretty much everything Pokemon related was huge back in the late 90's-early 2000's, the show, the video games, the trading card game, the toys, the movies. I honestly don't remember how I was first introduced to Pokemon, I either started watching the show first, or a friend at school showed me Red/Blue on his Gameboy. Either way, I got hooked by the craze until about 2003-2004. Haven't played a Pokemon game since then, though I do want to get a 3DS and play the games that I missed in the near future.

pokemon was too big to fail when they started it.... a combination of merchandise, tv show, video game, and trading card was all planned from the beginning


Mew. No really. It was Mew.

Well, this is new.