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I'm more of an ass man. that's what does it for me. personally,I think a woman with a nice big round ass is more impressive,then a woman with big titts. I mean titts are nice and all,but nothing beats an apple bottom booty. With anything you can go overboard,but still. So,I'm going 2 call this the TnA debate. which is better? feel free 2 post all the acceptable TnA pics you want. 

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You make the thread but provide no pics? Shame. Shaaaame!

T. T forever!



Err... Eastern Western


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Ass all the way.

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I love Tits...but the penis usually goes down below and the ass is usually the easiest to stare at since their back is to you.

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it's usually the complete picture

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Ass of course. Manboobs are gross.

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Ass and some nice child bearing hips


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In real life, tits because I can suck and squeeze them and never grow tired of them. In photos, or adult pictures the ass because it is just yum.