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Now that E3 is over, I think it is time we have a proper thread for end of the year sales predictions.

Before you begin, please keep in mind some of the potential factors that may affect sales for the rest of this year.



Playstation 4

-TLOU Remastered (July)  

-Destiny Bundle with white PS4 - 450$  (September 11th)

-Driveclub (October 5th)

-Far Cry 4/ GTA V (Playstatiuon has marketing rights &may make bundle) 

-Little Big Planet 3 (PS3 & PS4) [November]

Xbox One

- Forza Horizon 2 (September)

-Sunset Overdrive  (October)

-Halo MC colection + Halo 5 beta access (November)

-Other games (Fable Beta, Dance Central , Fantasia, ect)

-Possible Price drop.  (It is likely that they may drop the price 50$ for the holiday to $450/$350 in order to gain an advantage over PS4)  Whether or not this happens will likely depend on how the kinectless sku fares at 400$.

-AC Unity, CoD, & Evolve.  (Microsoft has marketing & timed DLC/beta stuff for these game, and may also make a bundle with them)

Wii U

-Mario Kart 8  (while this is already out for Wii U, Nintendo intends to market, and possibly bundle it for Wii U throughout the whole year)

-SSB4  (This could potentially help the Wii U this holiday, however, it likely won't have as big of an impact as MK8 since there will be a 3DS version launching prior to the Wii U version.)

-Captain Toad (Holiday 2014)

-Bayonetta 2 (October) 

-Sonic Boom & Hyrule Wariours

PS Vita

While sony did briefly mention the vita in thier E3 conference, they did not show any vita exclusive games, or show off any big AAA games (like borderlands) that would be coming to vita.  This could pontentally hurt the Vita's sales later this year.

On the other hand, Vita is still getting a ton of support from the indy comunity, so more awesome indy game could help the vita if Sony would just advertise/talk more about it.


The 3DS also was not talked about much by Nintendo at this year's E3, however it does have a couple of standout titles comming this holiday.

-Super Smash Bros. 4 (October)

-Pokiemon Ruby/Sapphire remakes.



Ok, so not that we have gone through the potential sales factors that may make a difference, here are my predictions.

[PS4] 15M

[Xb1] 10.5M

[WiiU] 9.5M

[Vita]  10M

[3DS]  49M

Please feel free to go ahead and post your official predictions below, and/or discuss other people's predictions.  Just plese don't turn this into a fanboy discussion over which platform you think is better.

I will do my best to keep track of everyone's predictions, and record them for the end of this year so we can see who came the closest, and who was the furthest off.

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i think
PS4: 15,5 million
Wii U: 10 million
Xbox One: 9,5 million
Vita: 10,5
3DS: 50 million

i believe
ps4 16 million(you know its gonna do like 7 million holiday :P)
wii u 11 million(i have faith in smash bros and mario kart legs)
xbox one 11.5 million(halo nuff said)
vita 10.5 million(sales are starting to die down in japan)
3ds 52 million(pokemon and smash are  likely  to do miracles)


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PS4] 15M
[Xb1] 9M
[WiiU] 9M
[Vita] 10M
[3DS] 47M

PS4: 16-17 million, it's going to dominate the Holidays as much as supply allows.

X1: 7-7.5 million, it'll do well in NA but remain dead everywhere else.

Wii U: 9 million - it'll get a boost but not much

Vita - it's still dead

3DS: 50-51 million

(PS4) 16M

(XB1) 10M

(WiiU) 9M

(Vita) 9M

(3DS) 48M

Buying order: Vita (Damn you Sony and your playstation Plus, I don't frikin want one), 3DS

(PS4) 17.5M

(XB1) 9M

(WIIU) 9.5M (Nintendo killed their chance for a minor comeback by having, yet again, another 3month drought. All that mario kart effort is going to go to waste)

(3DS) 50M

(PSV) (9.8M)

Predictions for LT console sales:

PS4: 120M

XB1: 70M

WiiU: 14M

3DS: 60M

Vita: 13M

wary-wallaroo said:

PS4: 16-17 million, it's going to dominate the Holidays as much as supply allows.

X1: 7-7.5 million, it'll do well in NA but remain dead everywhere else.

Wii U: 9 million - it'll get a boost but not much

Vita - it's still dead

3DS: 50-51 million


Your X1 prediction is fairly bold considering that they finally are offering a 400$ SKU, and had a really great E3.  

As for the Vita... :'(

I hope it does well, but the fact that Sony didn't really talk about it at E3 does make it sound like it may be dead.  I think that if they would actually invest in a great line up of 1st party exclusives like Nintendo has done with the 3DS, then it would actually sell verry well.

PS4: 15M
Xbox One: 8.5M
Wii U: 10.5M
3DS: 52M
Vita: 10M

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  • PS4 17M (6-7M worldwide from september- december; it did 4M in november- december 2013 worldwide and was supply constrained)
  • XB1 10M (one territory isn't enough. It may do well in NA, but it would be practically non existent everywhere else)
  • WiiU 9.5M (gonna reserve my comments...... but this is me being generous and banking on an xmas boost)