I'm ready to rule the world! Are you looking forward to AC unity?

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I'm ready to rule the world! 13 36.11%
Pftt another ac game lol 5 13.89%
I'm too good for this game! 0 0.00%
Ubisoft reeled in another sucker! 4 11.11%
This looks great! 5 13.89%
I can't wait! 0 0.00%
I don't own a system that can play it.... 3 8.33%
Not sure yet! 1 2.78%
hmmmm 3 8.33%
What!? 1 2.78%

I'm really looking forward to this game. I was blown away with it when it appeared at e3. After e3, this became one of my most anticipated title.  Everything looks really nice with this titles. The crowds, animations all look just great. The game just looks awesome in general! I can't wait! What about you? Am I alone on this?

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I'm pretty excited, I liked what I saw and I really like the setting it is in.

Even when PS+ gives this game for free in a couple of years, I won't bother downloading it. AssCreed went from crap to good and back to crap really fast.
Watching paint dry is about as exciting, and $59 cheaper.

There's an AssCreed cycle and I've learned not to fall for it anymore.

1. They announce a new AssCreed game.
2. It sounds as boring as the last dozen AssCreed games.
3. They show an AssCreed trailer.
4. It looks awesome, new, and different.
5. I think "maybe this one will be different!"
6. I buy the AssCreed game.
7. I love it for like the first 5 hours.
8. I gets offensively boring, repetitive, and derivative like all the other AssCreed games.
9. Buyers remorse.
10. I swear I'll never buy another AssCreed game.

Repeat 1-10.

Well, this is new.


eh... I think I'm done with the AC series. If I do play it, it will be a friends copy or a rented copy.

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Ubi are probably the greatest at doing trailers. Looking forward to this one like every other Ac game. Looks like this one could be the biggest overhaul in gameplay yet.

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I can't wait! ;)

Will be getting it for PC as well like the other games I have in the series.


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Theres literally nothing to be excited about...

Apparently co-op is now a next gen feature. Dumbasses should have gave us Japanese Ninjas.

Yes, i am looking forward to it, but i am worried about the co-op ruining the singleplayer

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Finally we get to climb down buildings in style

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