The Rating Game, E3 Edition. The Crew vs Forza Horizon 2 vs Driveclub.

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Which racer has most impressed you so far.

I will drive my club crazy with Driveclub. 28 50.91%
Forza Horizon 2 will take my money. 14 25.45%
It's just gonna be me an... 4 7.27%
I don't like racing games. 5 9.09%
This is tough, I like them all. 4 7.27%

Welcome back to The Rating Game.

E3 has brought us allot, and I mean ALLOT of games to talk about. 

Today we will turn our eyes to the racing genre. 

There were a nice selection of racers to play on the show floor. Project Cars was one of those racers that got gamers buzzing about how beautiful and sim like this racer feels and it was not alone on the show floor.

However the battle is between these 3 racers below.

- Microsoft is gearing up for round 2 with their simi open world racer, Forza Horizon 2

- Pick your team, drive for points, drive to win, but most of all, Driveclub

- Drive from LA to New York and over to Chicago with this open world gear shifter, The Crew.


All 3 racers are set for a very competitive release window. Forza is scheduled for September 30th, Driveclub releases on October 7th and The Crew will drop sometime in November.

2 Questions.

(1) Is releasing these games this close to each other a bad idea ?

(2) If any 1 of these games is to suffer from such a close release window, which will it be ?

As always, this is The Rating Game, you know what to do in the polls.

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Forza = The Crew > Driveclub

Driveclub = The Crew > Forza H2


Forza> The Crew> Driveclub.

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I'm sure all three will be good, but I'm mostly interested in The Crew.

Idk yet... They are all 30 fps T_T

I guess Forza > DC > Crew


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The Crew > Driveclub > Forza

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

I like Driveclub because it doesn't restrict you to a single place like an open world game and instead takes to you a ton of unique places like Chile, India, Canda, etc. It's also the most gorgeous racer of the three.

I like Forza Horizon 2 because it takes the realistic simulation handling of Forza along with it's incredible car catalog and applies it to a beautiful European landscape with awesome car challenges and one of the best music soundtracks in existence.

I like The Crew because it spans the ENTIRE FREAKIN US from huge spanning metropolitan cities to snow capped mountains and really makes you feel like you're on a classic American road trip.

I love them all.

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Driveclub> The Crew> Forza