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OK guys, this is f*cking serious. So I wanted to play some Mario Kart today (ok, was forced to by a certain woman ;) ). I agreed, started up the Wii, went into multiplayer aaaaaaandd... BOOM! The Wi-Fi service is no longer supported!! WHAT THE F!!!!!! The game sold 35 mil copies, was bundled not so long ago and they already kill the multiplayer?? Why, how, when?? This is the only game I still used my Wii for and we both here feel like this is a blunt "in your face" way of Nintendo forcing us to buy Wii U and MK8. Disgusting. Do you feel like that as well? How can they just kill games like that? What about online trophi... Ups... :P

Damn :( Now I really have to buy that bloody Wii U sooner than I hoped for :( But still I'm not gonna give in before a price cut!! I won't let Nintendo terrorise me like that!!

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The servers closed down a while ago =o

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They were warning for months. I got in some last smash and mario kart before it closed.

Servers eventually have to close like with halo 2 one of the Xbox's gems. No game gets special treatment.

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What did you do afterwards with your girlfriend? Does...does she force you into other things too?

sorry for you :( but MK8 is a masterpiece dont wait too much, you are losing a lot of fun (get the WiiU today) :D

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Yeah, servers shut down a while ago.

It's the risk that comes with dedicated servers

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HintHRO said:
What did you do afterwards with your girlfriend? Does...does she force you into other things too?

i laughed alot more than i should of at this

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There won't be a price cut. So buy it. now. BEFORE THE PLUS FREE GAME promotion runs out.(31st)

Also its not Nintendo's fault....its very likely the 3rd party that created the service in the first place