Mario Kart 8 is already $48 on Amazon. Should we worry?

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No, because is in top 5-10, more of Watch Dog for PS4.

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Walmart had a promotion, so Amazon had to match the price.

I'm starting to see that Nintendo has sold quite a good deal of its initial MK8 hardware bundles in North America, though to be fair retailers probably didn't order a ton. It's not impossible to find, but it is dwindling to very low quantities and sold out in many places which is a good sign for now.

kupomogli said:

Usually a game only drops in price once it starts to sell poorly and this is especially rare for a Nintendo game.  Mario Kart 8 has been selling well, but who knows how much the sales have dropped after everyone who wanted it purchased it or purchased it and a Wii U.

Is Mario Kart 8 doomed? 

For those who want the game that don't have it yet, maybe you're interested in it at this price?  Although maybe you still want to wait.  Just remember you can get a free digital game as long as you register it before the end of this month(I think.)


honestly, 1,2 million copies first weekend. And people start to claim doom on MK8?

I thought the consensus was that doom=flop. Mk8 didn't flop. Quite the opposite.

It won't sell 35 million like MKWii, but that's not doom! For god's sake.

I am worried. It now nearly costs as much as a new copy of MK Wii. No'what?

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u can buy steamkeys for watchdog for 20€, should we be worried?

Mario Kart 9 incoming

If Amazon do the same there as they do here, they likely dropped their price to match the lowest competitive price. It will probably rise again once the promotion is over.

Not really.... Lots of games that are 60 in retail usually become 5-10 dollars cheaper after a week or two on amazon.

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sundin13 said:
Its a sale....

I always find it hilarious when people cry "doom" over retailer sales xD

I too find it amusing when people cry "doom" over every freakin' thing.