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Weather your a fan of the newest IP from Nintendo or not, I want your opinion on Splatoon. 

Was it smart of Nintendo to create this new IP or should they have slapped a fresh batch of Mario ink on it? After all the Mario moniker sells games, regardless of how good it is or its genre. Surely putting Mario characters in would have made this sell more. Give them all a F.L.U.D.D that sprays paint or ink instead and have them turn into bloopers, it wouldn't have taken very much at all.

At least people can't complain about Nintendo's lack of new IPs or another Mario game but is that really important?

Anyway Yay or nay for new Ip?

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The first thing I thought when I saw this game was.

Looks like Mario Sunshine (water vs paint) gameplay

the second thing was ugly character design...

It's not going to be a huge franchise, but it looks like a lot of fun. Will probably buy it when I'll get my wiiU next year.

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Maybe Splatoon should have been a Mario game if we are talking about sales, but in my opinion Splatoon is fine the way it is right now!

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I like that its something new and different and there's already too many Mario games. However I'm no so sure I will buy it.


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Mario sells but maybe the splatoon name will sell after a few versions. It's sad to think that if the wonderful 101 had been a crossover game with mario, link, samus and others, as originally planned, it would have probably done very well.

Best decision the could have made to make it a new ip. There are far too many Mario games as is.

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Personally, I like the way it looks. I'm glad it's not Mario skinned. Not everything needs to be the same old characters.

From a business standpoint, it would sell five times as many copies, at the least, with Mario splashed on it. It's hard to blame Nintendo, sometimes, for over-using Mario when many consumers won't buy anything without his name in the title.

It's the double edged sword of new IP; everybody wants it, nobody buys it.

That said, with a solid SP campaign (which it's confirmed to be getting) and a strong marketing push, this could do well. But it does need that marketing kick.

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No it doesn't need Mario, Nintendo can easily make this their answer for lack of shooters on their console if they advertise the absolute crap out of this.

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