Project SteamBoy: The First Handheld Console with Steam OS, Announced at E3

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM63RuEhgHU

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Will run on Steam OS.


Mobile gaming is great. Either we have games that look like shit or hardware that runs for 2 minutes because the battery dies. Sometimes we have both :)

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It looks like that hideous Shield POS from Nvidia. No thanks, Im sticking with the Vita and later on with the 3DS

Steamboy? oh I know that movie ..

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Lafiel said:
Steamboy? oh I know that movie ..

Wanted to post the same =p

I was quite sure the handheld market is the dying market.

You may beat Nintendo in the consoles area, but hadhelds? No way. This will justt cause Ninty to make better games due ot better competition.

Financial failure soon-to-be.

Has it got those weird steam controller touch pads instead of analogue sticks again? Flop coming!

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Wow the main console version isnt out , and someone is making this now >__>.


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I'm curious to see specifications and it should have an Intel/AMD/Nvdia CPU/GPU to work. Mostly they are going with AMD APU i think.

GAMING is not about spending hours to pass/waste our time just for fun,

its a Feeling/Experience about a VIRTUAL WORLD we can never be in real, and realizing some of our dreams (also creating new ones).

So, Feel Emotions, Experience Adventure/Action, Challenge Game, Solve puzzles and Have fun.

PlayStation is about all-round "New experiences" using new IP's to provide great diversity for everyone.

Xbox is always about Online and Shooting.

Nintendo is always about Fun games and milking IP's.