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I just beat Resident Evil 0 on my Wii last week. It wasn't that good... :(

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RolStoppable said:
TWRoO said:
I don't have the GC anymore, but I reckon I have racked up a good 100hours of Gamecube gaming since I bought the Wii... almost half will be on Eternal Darkness because I only bought it 3 weeks ago.

Of the remaining time (approx 60 hours) most will beon wave race or burnout2.... and some F-Zero GX.
I just want 1 great, non-arcade racer to come out for Wii and I'm set. Mario Kart will help but I won't be satisfyed until F-Zero Wii, unless Ferrari Challenge turns out great (doubtful)

There is a damn good reason Europe is the Wiis weakest market compared to PS3... no great racers (I am pining for some quality F1 action and having to set up my N64 to do so is annoying)

I think that Sony still exclusively owns the F1 licence and even EA stopped to make yearly F1 games because their games didn't sell that well without the drivers/teams of the current season. So if you want an F1 game on Wii, you are out of luck.

Now if only Codemasters would use the oppurtunity to bring their racing series (Rally and Race Driver) to the Wii, that would be awesome. But alas, certain 3rd parties just don't seem to understand what to release for the Wii, even though they would have a niche to fill all of their own.

Oh assmonkeys! I wondered why the GC collection of F1 was so dire. All I want is an update to F1WGP2 which I have on N64... hell I don't even care about having real drivers, I just wan't the new tracks. I'm still in 1998 season FFS. No wonder Sony does so well in Europe.

are gamecube broke *sad*

I never owned a Gamecube but I am enjoying several of its games like Wind Waker and the original Sonic Riders.


RolStoppable said:
My Gamecube is still hooked up (mainly because my Wii sits on the shelf and the controller cables are too short) and used regularly. Wave Race Blue Storm and Mario Kart Double Dash!! being the most played games.

I pity the fools who own a purple Gamecube. Black looks much better.
Mine is black as well. And it still gets a fair bit of usage. 


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i play gamecube games still. melee FTW!!!

I retired my launch day Cube when I got the Wii. After 5 years of heavy-duty service, she earned her downtime. The only time I'd use her now is if I want to play Doshin, which would require me to use the Free Loader.

And for the record, purple is the only color a true Cube connoisseur will have. Anything else would be uncivilized.

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Recently played skies of arcadia.

Killer 7, Pikmin 2, and Twilight Princess, play them sometimes.

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I still play all my older consoles, GameCube included. And all of them are still hooked up and running. Well, okay, the Playstation was removed from my entertainment center so I could bring the Saturn out of the bedroom, and the Playstation isn't currently hooked up to anything.

But I just got Virtua Fighter 2 for $4 for the Saturn, so I had to play it.